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Is it normal that you can OOB through anything? There are some places where I can just spam the jump button and go out of bounds!



I did a second play and managed to kill the Eye of the Sentinel after 45 minutes of play and then accidently exited the game with no save Noooooooooooooooooooooh, nonetheless, this is one hell of game. Graphics are awesome and it has one hell of gut wrenching view but the game does suffer from a little lag in a few areas. Amazing though and I will be keeping an eye on this, I think it does have a lot of promise.

Keep up the great work DEVS

wobblyfootgamer @YouTube

Woah! Congrats on destroying your first pillar!

Unfortunate that you accidentally quit, especially on the version with no save... We suggest you download the latest version of the game which includes a save system if you ever plan on playing again!

The start of the game should be a lot faster now that you know some tricks. ;^)

J'ai un peu galéré ici :) Enjoy et bravo pour ce jeu ! 


Merci beaucoup !

image I just found a way to get out the map and this is  how this looks like, from this side the game gets very ez expecialy after getting double jump, but i manage to get here just whith the slide, and also since i am already writing this, and you reading this too, i would like to say that the game is a litle bit confusing, many times i walk in circles to find where is the next place to go, soo after 5 min i find it, this can be a bit frustating, and also i would like to say, that some parts of the game are bit laggy, ( i have a super pc , soo is not fault of the game, and also some parts of the game lost renderation, looking a bit ugly ( i mean inside of the actual game, not outside)

Hi there! Have there been any thoughts on whether you would like this on steam? I work for a game publisher and were definitely interested in working together! Send me an email at if you're interested and we can talk details :)

What a fantastic playing area. Huge, impressive, great puzzles and some gut wrenching jumping here. It's late here, but I am going to be playing this again. I've never played anything like this. Just awesome and a fantastic idea. I did suffer from lag though and i'm not sure why but whatever you do, don't look down but the question is? Which way IS down?



Thanks a lot!
We're very happy and humbled to here how much the game spoke to you! Sorry about the performances, it's an enormous challenge and as this was only a student project, we couldn't manage to tackle it entirely in the time available.


This game was outstanding. Your team did an amazing job on this game. Its not a full walkthrough by any means, i had fun playing and exploring

Thank you very much!

I'm glad you had fun exploring this world we built, it means a lot to us!