A downloadable game for Windows

Rolling Poui is a proof-of-concept of a runner alternating between two cameras, commanded by the studio ENIGAMI.

It is based on speed and a feeling of flow.

During the top view phase, bounce on walls to gain speed and avoid brambles. In side view, jump, glide and fast fall to turn back into a ball!

The game was made in one week.

Inputs: use UP and DOWN on the keyboard.


BERNARD Lucas (Game & Level Designer)

BIRETTE Flavien (Game & Level Designer)

BLANCHARD Benjamin (Lead Programmer)

CHAPELET Pierre (Programmer)

DEPARDIEU Victor (Lead Game Artist)

FRELAND Paul (Game Artist)

JANCENELLE Anaïs (Game Artist)

REUZÉ Gwendal (Project Leader)

SCHMÜCK Sylvain (Game & Sound Designer)


RollingPoui.rar 65 MB